Founder and Managing Director

Luke has extensive experience in developing multichannel campaigns and assisting in nurturing brands to grow into household names in South Africa. He attributes most of his experience in sales and broadcasting to his role as a former Account Executive at Primedia Broadcasting for 15 years. Luke started out in the marketing department and over time managed to grow into the sales team to become one of their top achievers. During his time in the direct sales team, he held the record for the most uniquely packaged programs to be sold worldwide. He excelled from his time as a direct salesperson and eventually was promoted to the Agency sales team. His impressive portfolio over the years included the likes of Old Mutual, Tiletoria, Clicks Group, Woolworths, Shoprite, Takealot, Wonga, Best Drive and the Western Cape Government, to name a few. He is known for his brilliant humour, easy-going nature and extreme professionalism. At Frequent Media, he is a high energy leader with a proven track record of developing, creating and implementing world-class broadcasting and digital campaigns.